US Air Force A1C Thomas Acton

US Navy E4 Daniel Allen

US Army SP4 t David L. Allen

Fairfield County Deputy Sheriff Jamey Allen

OSU Police Officer Jeremy Allen

US Army PFC Ralph Alten

US Marine Corps SSgt David Anders

US Army SP4 David E. Anderson

US Army PVT David Argyle

US Army Sgt Norman William Bahnsen

US Army PFC Robert Barnhart

US Air Force E5 Robert Barnhart

US Army PFC Robert M. Baus

US Army Air Corp PVT Ernest Becker

US Army PFC Herbert Franklin Belhorn

US Army CPT William Belhorn

US Army SP/4 Ronald L. Bell

US Army SP4 Norwood Black

US Army SSGT Paul Black

US Army SSGT John "Bill" Boggs

US Air Force SSGT Joseph Bowles

US Army PFC Robert J. Bowles

US Air Force MSGT Donald Bowman

US Army E5 Carl Braglin, Jr.

Firefighter/Navy Asst Chief Dana Bresler

US Air Force SGT Dennis Bresler

US Army MSGT Donald Brockman

US Air Force SSGT Alfred Brown

US Army SGT Dana Buckley

US Army MSG Neal Burdette

US Army SP4 Robert Clover

US Army CPL Don Clum

US Army TEC 5 James Coakley

US Army SSG Franklin Cole

US Army MP 677 Paul Conrad

US Army Cpl Donald Cook

US Army E4 Loren D. Cronin

US Navy PO3 James Cross

US Army SP4 Mark Curry

US Army MSG John Danison

US Army SP4 Robert Danison

US Army PFC Thomas Decker

US Navy Seaman Carl Deeds

US Army Cpl Bobby Devol

US Army T/Sgt Dannie Devol

US Air Force SSgt David Devol

US Army Air Corp CPO Donald Roscoe Devol

US Army PVT Phillip D. Devol

US Air NG TSgt Randal Devol

US Army PVT Virgil Dillon

US Air Force A1C Floyd Duncan

US Army SUP SGT Philo Echelberger

US Army Cnl Clarence Elkins

US Army PFC Richard Evener

US Army PFC Kenneth Figgins

US Air Force A1C William Fleming, Jr.

US Army SGT Robert E. French

US Army Cpl William Freund

US Army Warrant Officer 1 Greg Funk

US Navy SN Douglas Gatwood

US Army Air Corp CPL Hans J. Gottlieb

US Army PFC David Lee Green

US Army PFC Joe Green

US Army PVT/1 Charles Grimes

US Army SP/4 Charles "Mike" Grimes

US Army CPL Alan L. Gummere

US Army PFC John Hamric

US Army Spc Robert Hartwick

US Army Sgt Albert Hawse

US Army E4 Orville Heightland

US Army SP4 Gary Henderson

US Marine Corps Sgt Robert Hoch

US Army George Holsinger

US Army Cpt Wesley Hubner

US Army SSgt John Ignash

US Army E7 Richard Jackson

US Army PFC Lawrence Jones

US Army Pvt Roy Edwin Karnes

US Army SP4 Patrick Keels

US Army CPL Richard Kessler

US Army Msgt Norman M. Kilbarger

US Army E5 Thomas Kilbarger

US Marine Corps LCPL James Kimple

US Army Reserve PV2 Jovid Kimple

US Army Sgt James King

US Air Force 1st Lt. Frederick Koss

US Army SP3 Thomas Kuhn

US Army Sgt Guy E. Lee

US Navy Engineman Marvin Lofton Jr.

US Army SP4 Robert Loy

US Army CPL Charles Lunsford

US Army PFC Louis Lyendecker

US Navy HM2 Gary "Yogi" Mathias

US Army Msgt Harold Maus

US Army SP5 Michael F. May

US Army PFC Charles McClenaghan

US Army PFC Ray McCloud

US Army SP3 Jimmie McCoy

US Army SGT William McKinney

US Army CPL(T) Jerome (Jerry) Messerly

US Marine Corps PFC Bruce W. Monska

US Navy MMI/Secondary MOS Diver David Andrew Moore

US Army PFC James L. Morrison Sr.

US Army SP4 Marvin Moyer

US Navy Seabees Charles Eugene Murphy

US Army SP3 Richard Noice

US Army T/Sgt Jack Pence

US Marine Corps Cpl Lawrence Pence

US Army PFC Robert Pence

US Air Force SSGT Charles Pendleton

US Army Sgt Lando Perry

US Air Force Lt Col Brent Pickrell

US Marine Corps Sgt Jerry Pickrell

US Army SP4 William E. Reed

US Navy S2C William E. Reed Jr.

US Navy PO2 John B. Reid

US Air Force Airman Steven Reid Sr

US Army Sgt Bill Richards

US Marine Corps Lt. Anthony Riecky

US Army T/5 Francis Roose

US Army SP/4 Robert Roose

US Army SSGT Bill Sampson

US Army SGT Clarence E. Sauerbrei

US Army PFC Lawrence N. Savino

US Army Lt. Col. Howard R. Schisler

US Army SFC Leon Sevigny

US Army Specialist Adam Sharrow

US Navy S1c James Daniel Shepherd

US Marine Corps CPL Terry Shugert

US Air Force A1C Richard Shumaker

US Army SGT Ernest Sica

US Army Sgt Felix Sica

US Air Force SSGT Lawrence Smith

US Army SP4 Larry Starner

US Navy S1C John Steinmetz

​US Army 2LT Noel Stetson

US Army Lt Col Robert Creighton Stetson

US Air Force MSGT Ralph J. Stump

US Navy 3rd CPO Hubert Taulbee

US Army SP3 James Teeter

US Army CPL Frederick Thomas

US Army Willie Hue Thompson

US Air Force SGT Randy L. Thorn

US Army SP4 John M. Todhunter III

US Army SP4 John Tomlinson

US Army SP4 William Tomlinson

US Navy MR2 Eugene Turner

US Navy Frederick Veverka

US Army PFC Kelsey Ward

US Army CPL Roy M. Watkins

US Army PFC Glenn H. Watson

US Army SSGT William Watson

US Army CPL Terry E. Webb

US Navy S1/C Frank George Wehrle

US Army John Wehrle

US Army PFC Jack White

US Navy Seaman Cecil Wilkins

US Army SSgt Elsworth Williford

US Army CPL Joyce Mary Williford

US Navy MM2 Andrew Woods Jr.

US Marine Corps CPL Donald Worthington

US Army PFC John Zebenica

Those sponsoring a Flag for their hero are invited to post their hero's Flag during the FNF Field of Heroes Posting of the Flags immediately following the Opening Ceremony.  If you cannot make it to the ceremony or you would rather not post the Flag yourself, you may appoint someone in your stead or one of the Remnant Expressive Signers will post it for you.

We brought the Field of Heroes for the first time in 2014. At the conclusion of FNF all Flags are collected and stored for all future FNF Events.  To sponsor a Flag for your hero, please fill out the Field of Heroes Flag Order Form and submit a donation in the amount of $45.00, which helps cover the cost of the Flag, pole, and stake.  You can submit your donation one of two ways, 

​      - On-line: 

      Select the "Donate" button located at the bottom right of this page.  Please note, a $1.61 service fee will be added to your $45.00 donation if you submit your donation online. 

      - Mail:      

         Send a check made out to "Freedom's Never Free" (indicate "Field of Heroes Flag Order" in the memo section of the check) in the amount of $45.00 to:

Freedom's Never Free

Field of Heroes

5305 Brook Rd NW

Lancaster OH 43130

Once the donation is received, we will place the order.  Please include your email or mailing address so we can provide you a receipt. 

​Thank  you and may God Bless America!

Field of Heroes Flags


A Field of Heroes flag that is ordered after October 19, 2019 will NOT be guaranteed for this years display;

however, orders will still be accepted and held for the 2020 display.  

Thank you for your understanding.


​​Freedom's Never Free