Our Veterans are never presented with an American Flag until their death.  Even then, the Flag that drapes their coffin is presented to the closest family member.  That being said, a few years back we began presenting the Flag that flies during the 4-day Freedom’s Never Free event to a living Veteran. 

We encourage the public to nominate Veterans for this great honor and it has proven to mean more to our Veterans than we could have imagined.  The presenting of the event Flag is our closing ceremony and very emotional. 

Anyone who would like to nominate their hero can do so by completing the Honor Flag Nomination Form below.  Once complete, simply click the “Submit” button at the bottom.  Please remember, the more information you provide, the better. 

To ensure the honored recipient is surprised, we ask you not to tell the nominee.  We also require the nominee be present to receive the Flag.  If, however, the nominee is too ill to attend the event, we require the Flag be presented to his/her next of kin.  Should this happen we kindly ask you to send us pictures of when the Flag is presented to the recipient.

Thank you very much!


​​Freedom's Never Free