​​Schedule of Events for the

Traveling First Responder Memorial


To schedule the Traveling Korean Memorial, Traveling WWII Memorial, or the Traveling Small Wars & Conflicts & 1st Responder Memorials, or for additional information, please call:

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Schedule of Events for the

Traveling Small Wars & Conflicts Memorial

The Traveling First Responders Memorial is in honor of those who tirelessley serve our communities in times of peace and conflict. The memorial includes a fireman, police officer, and paramedic to honor all those who serve in our communities.



The Traveling Small Wars & Conflicts Memorial displays the dog tags of American Military casualties during the small wars and conflicts post Korean War to current day.

To ensure we had a complete list of casualties for these time periods, we contacted our state Veterans Association who directed us to the United States National Archives in Washington, D.C.  They referred us to the National Archives in Louisianna.  Both National Archives informed me they do not have a “conclusive” list of the casualties for these small wars and conflicts. 

Therefore, we took on the challenge to do the best we could to research historical records, documents the National Archives sent us, which was the same we found online, newspaper articles, and obituaries.  To much of our surprise, we were able to identify hundreds more.

As time permits, we continue to research to ensure we get as many of our casualties identified and honored as we possibly can.

When the Traveling Small Wars & Conflicts Memorial is displayed, visitors can research their loved ones to see if we have a dog tag displayed to honor them.  If we don’t, we will make one if the soldiers DD214 is provided as proof. We will then work with the VA to confirm the soldier’s service dates and deployments.

Schedule of Events for the

Traveling Korean Memorial

This memorial consists of 19 soldiers walking through a Korean rice paddy. The memorial includes four statistical signs, one 4'x8' "The Forgotten War" sign, and a sign requesting silence to show respect.   


The Traveling WWII Memorial consists of the Wall of Stars (aka Wall of Freedom), the Atlantic & Pacific Pavilions, 56 Pillars and stands with oak and wheat wreaths.  We also have a granite slab with President Roosevelt's quote, as well as, General MacArthur's quote spanning three granite slabs.  Let it be known that the sign positioned in the center of the Wall of Stars reads "Here Marks the Price of Freedom" is different from the sign in front of the memorial in Washington D.C. which reads, "Here We Mark the Price of Freedom".  This is intentional on our part.  


Schedule of Events for the

Traveling WWII Memorial

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