This memorial consists of 19 soldiers walking through a Korean rice paddy.  Three soldiers off to the side setting up a campfire.  The memorial includes four statistical signs, one 4'x8' "The Forgotten War" sign, and a sign requesting silence to show respect.  The memorial is surrounded by stanchions to prohibit the public from touching the soldiers.  

The Traveling WWII Memorial consists of the Wall of Stars (aka Wall of Freedom), the Atlantic & Pacific Pavilions, 56 Pillars and stands with oak and wheat wreaths.  We also have a granite slab with President Roosevelt's quote, as well as, General MacArthur's quote spanning three granite slabs.  Let it be known that the sign positioned in the center of the Wall of Stars reads "Here Marks the Price of Freedom" is different from the sign in front of the memorial in Washington D.C. which reads, "Here We Mark the Price of Freedom".  This is intentional on our part.  

​​Freedom's Never Free


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